Starting out

Ok, here it is. My first blog about cooking, eating and all things food related. Something I love and have become pretty obsessed with over the last few years. Yes I’m one of those people who takes photos of food they’ve made and food they’re about to eat when they’re out. I have a blossoming cookbook collection that’s getting to the stage where I might need to buy a new bookcase soon. I’m not ashamed, I love it! Some people might think it’s odd for a vegetarian to be so food obsessed, you know the type, they think all we eat is salad and tofu. I love surprising my friends and family with new recipe ideas and the challenge of changing a meat recipe into a tasty veggie alternative, and I don’t just mean swapping out the meat for a mushroom. So, here’s the start of what will hopefully be an exciting blog about being a vegetarian food geek!

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