Greek Feasts

The last couple of nights I’ve been cooking some Greek inspired food. Mostly because this time last year we were there on holiday, so I’m reminiscing and trying to bring a bit of Greek sunshine into our home!

One of my favourite things to cook and eat at the moment is roasted veg. I love how easy and tasty it is. I chop up whatever I have that goes together and roast it off in the oven with some garlic, herbs and oil. Yum! So I did this the other night and served it with homemade hummus, salad and warm wholemeal pita (which I lazily bought from the shop, couldn’t be bothered to make it!). I guess it was a sort of a veggie kebab, also great for vegans. I will one day actually start to write measurements of things for recipes, but it was just a quick and easy throw everything in sort of meal!

Last night was another Greek inspired dish as I had an aubergine to use up. I should add I am only a very recent convert to aubergine and I still don’t think I’m fully in love with it, I think because I’ve had it cooked badly so many times before it really put me off. I hate the spongy texture it has sometimes. Anyway, to get round the evil texture, I made moussaka. I love aubergine done like this! I sliced the aubergines into thin ish slices and fried them off before layering with a lentil and tomato sauce I’d made and topping off with a homemade white sauce with a little cheese and nutmeg in. I think moussaka is meant to have potato in, but I think it’s filling enough without, especially when you have some salad and pita with it!

Anyway, hopefully this will inspire you to make some Greek inspired food.

Hummus Roast Veggies Greek Salad Moussaka

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