Indian Street Food

I love street food. Going to events with different street food on offer is always great, I find it harder to choose what to eat than if I’m choosing from a restaurant menu. I think because I never know if I’ll get it again and don’t want to miss out! It’s so quick and easy to make at home too. I love that you can play about with any cuisine and create something new.

The weather here has been beautiful this week, so we were determined to make the most of it, so the barbecue was uncovered and the leaves dusted off! It’s already had three outings this week, hopefully there will be plenty more in the weeks to come.

One night I cooked up a take on some Indian street food, inspired by the food from the market at Abbeydale Picture House we went to last month. Here’s my really quick and easy recipe for tikka paneer chapatis…

Paneer Illustration

Ingredients (makes 4 wraps):
1 pack of Paneer
2 tbsp Tikka paste, I used Pataks
4 chapatis, or any other kind of wrap would work
1 baby gem lettuce, shredded
1 handful fresh coriander, chopped
Mango chutney
Raita, use shop bought or make your own, I made my own with fat free natural yoghurt, a few sprigs of mint, some cucumber and some chilli.

Slice the paneer into 1 cm ish strips length ways. Add the paneer into a freezer bag, or a tub, add the tikka paste and give the paneer a good coating. You can leave this for a few hours, but if, like me, you’re just making it for a quick meal and can’t wait, give it as long as you can! While it’s marinating, chop the lettuce and coriander and make your raita, if you’re making your own. Wrap the chapaitis in some foil. This is where you head outside to your barbecue, but if you don’t have one, or the weather has typically turned and started raining, you can cook this on a griddle pan or whatever you have. The chapatis can always go on a low heat in the oven to warm up too.

BBQ Paneer

So barbecue on and ready to go. Add your paneer to a high heat and add the chapatis over a lower heat or to the edge of the barbecue to just warm through. This won’t take long and you’ll need to keep turning the paneer so it doesn’t catch and burn. Once the paneer is coloured on all sides and feels crispy on the outside but a bit squidgy in the middle, it’s ready. Grab a chapati, load it up with the lettuce, coriander, mango chutney and raita then pile on some paneer and attempt to wrap it!

Paneer Chapati

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