Living Below The Line

Below The Line

That’s it, it’s the last of my five days of living below the line. It’s been a tough challenge and a lot harder than I expected it to be.

Tuesday was the hardest day for me, I couldn’t concentrate, I felt dizzy and was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open by the end of the day. I wasn’t expecting such a loss of energy. It made me realise how much I rely on a bit of sugar to perk me up, this week the only sugar I’ve had has been from an apple in the morning, and yes there’s probably sugar in the tomato puree I’ve been using, but not as much as I’d been used to!

It’s really made me think about my diet, which wasn’t my intention when I set out to do this at all, but I’ll certainly be watching how much sugar I have. I’ve felt alright for the last couple of days so my body clearly doesn’t need as much of it as I had been eating.

I missed variety, the freedom of deciding to cook whatever I fancied and I definitely missed not having my five a day!

The variety and freedom that I missed is an opportunity I am fortunate to have, as someone who believes profoundly in equal opportunities, for me, that’s what this is about. Those people that are living below the line every day are entitled to the opportunity to eat a nutritious balanced diet. It’s just wrong that there is enough food to feed everyone in the world yet so many people suffer.

Our team’s aim was to raise money and awareness for Action Against Hunger, it’s been great talking to people about it this week, people who knew little or nothing about the challenge and the charity. It might be the end of our five days but I’m certainly going to continue to support the brilliant work that Action Against Hunger do.

Almost 20% of the world’s population live off £1 a day, not just for food and drink, for them that includes housing, health and education.

Extreme poverty has to end.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and sponsored our team, it means a great deal.

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