Holiday Food

I recently got back from my amazing honeymoon. We traveled down the coast of California and then over to Hawaii, so plenty of fresh avocado and pineapple was on the cards! As I’m a proper geek when it comes to food, I naturally geeked out and had a look before we went away for places to eat whilst on our travels. We visited some great restaurants, bars, bakeries and food trucks, some which I’d scouted out before we went, others we just stumbled across while out exploring.

We waited in line early one morning outside a bakery in San Francisco I’d read about, we were waiting with the queue of people for cruffins, a croissant crossed with a muffin. One of the messiest things I’ve eaten but totally delicious! If you miss out on the cruffins, because when they’re gone they’re gone, they have loads of other tasty treats to choose from too. We also got a matcha donut which was good! I definitely recommend going to Mr Holmes Bakehouse if you find yourself in San Fran, the cruffins are worth queuing for!


On our travels I had some great veggie burgers, pasta dishes and salads but the thing that I most enjoyed were the tacos. I think because it was something different, they aren’t such a common sight on menus here in the UK and I always think of those cardboard like, crispy shell tacos which never look appetising to me. The tacos in LA were great though, I had them a couple of times, they were very different styles but both delicious.

One afternoon we ate at a place called The Albright on Santa Monica Pier. The tacos from there were a kind of build your own, the warm tortillas served alongside, roasted veg, black beans, pico de gallo, guacamole and lime, everything you needed to pile into your tacos. This was a great way to have them, it was great to make your own combinations.

Albright Tacos

Another night we ate at a great restaurant called Blue Plate Taco. This time the tacos were small tortillas served with beans and slaw. They were crammed with roasted corn, mushrooms, leek, kale and goats cheese, topped off with a little truffle oil. It’s combinations like this I would never have thought to try at home but it was so tasty. This place did great margaritas too!

Blue Plate Tacos

So to overcome the post holiday blues I reckon I’ll be cooking up tacos soon, watch this space for a recipe!

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