A Very Veggie Christmas 

It’s getting close to the big day, you know the one, the one that everyone puts pressure on themselves to cook an amazing feast for your family and friends, Christmas Day! My family now have a tradition of having a Christmas dinner together earlier in the month, it’s difficult for us to all be together on Christmas day so we have our own “Fauxmas”, this year it fell on the weekend before Christmas.

Before the whole family were veggies I remember not particularly enjoying Christmas dinner much, I was never a big meat eater, so that’s probably why. Becoming vegetarian made us realise we didn’t have to stick to the boring meal that tradition suggests we should! Our family have been known for having some, shall we say, alternative things for Christmas dinner, when me and my sister lived at home, mum used to cook up whatever we fancied, we’d decide the week before. We’ve had lasagne, fajitas, pie, we even had hot dogs at the request of my dad one year! People have said to me in the past that it’s not very festive. For me though it doesn’t matter what you’re eating as long as it’s good and you’re enjoying it with the people you want to be with.

Having said all that, this year we went kind of traditional with our Fauxmas meal, traditional in that we had sprouts and a, dreaded by many, nut roast! I was inspired by a couple of Jamie Oliver’s recipes, his Veggie Arrosto Misto and a his Incredible Nut Roast. I had three nut roast haters to convert and I thought this was the perfect recipe, it’s baked in a spicy tomato sauce and has cheese melted on top, it had to be the way to do it. The veggie arrosto misto should have been a meal in itself but it it went perfectly with the roast and I sautéed some brussel sprouts and romanesco in butter and plenty or black pepper too. I think it went down well, everyone seemed to enjoy it, so either it was a success or my family are good actors. Though my sister has a talent for acting, I like to hope they really did all enjoy the food!

If you haven’t decided what you’re cooking on the big day yet then I definitely recommend giving one or both of these recipes a try. Or just go for whatever you fancy, who says you have to cook a traditional meal anyway? Go for something you love, or your favourite tried and tested recipe, it’ll take the stress out of the day and you’ll be more relaxed!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Shirley Roddis · December 22, 2015

    A tasty read! 😋

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