Back to work for most of us today after a couple of weeks of indulgence and I’m sure there’s plenty of folks out there starting on some sort of crash diet. I’m definitely not into them and would much rather eat healthily most of the time and have the odd feast and treat at the weekend. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the stereotypical skinny image people have in their heads of how a vegetarian looks, I probably like the treats at weekends a bit too much!

Anyway, to the point, today I’m starting on a belated Veganuary, a month of eating vegan. I’m not doing it for any one reason in particular and I’m definitely not doing it as some sort of attempt to lose weight.

As a vegetarian I often toy with the idea of going vegan and I do cook vegan meals through the week. Though half of the time I probably load it up with a pile of grated cheese right before I eat it!

I don’t see this as a challenge for myself really, I see it as an opportunity to try out new recipes, which I love to do. So tonight I’ll be sat reading recipe books and making a list of things I want to cook.

I’ll keep you posted with how I’m doing and what I’ve been eating through the month!

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