Veganuary – Week Three

I’m still finding it all fairly easy, I think being at home and cooking fresh helps though. My experience of going out for vegan food from last week was that it might prove a bit more challenging, and not very exciting.

This weekend I went to London with my husband, my sister and our friend. After a smoothie in the morning at the train station to start me off, my sister and I went over to Spitalfields and Brick Lane, we went for coffee, no problem, I have my coffee without milk anyway, have for years. Though there was almond milk on offer if I had wanted.

We wandered around the markets and shops. Our noses followed an amazing smell which lead us into a chocolate shop on Brick Lane! We walked in and looked at the great selection on offer, I was feeling a little disheartened as they all had dairy in, this was until we went through to the other side of the shop where everything was vegan! A guy who worked there asked if we’d like a sample, the ones on the counter to sample all had dairy in them, my sister piped up and said I was vegan, the guy went off and fetched me a vegan truffle to try, it was beautiful! That was it, we were definitely convinced to buy some. Armed with some tongs and a packet we both walked round and carefully chose some to savour with a coffee back at home. If you find yourself in London, definitely check out the shop, Dark Sugars, they sell online too but you don’t get the joy of the amazing smell and samples!

I’d only had my smoothie for breakfast so by 12, I was feeling peckish and didn’t want to break into my chocolates yet! There was lots of chain places but we opted for the street food stalls, there were a few options but then I spotted a wood fired pizza truck, I love pizza, so much so we had a truck at our wedding. I was happy to see there was a vegan option listed on the menu already, no need to fuss and ask. So I ordered and after 5 minutes wait it was ready, Marinara pizza, a very simple pizza with tomato, oregano, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Delicious. I didn’t miss the cheese and my sister enjoyed a piece too and even said the same.

Next we headed over to meet the guys, we were meeting them at one of my favourite spots in London, Borough Market. I love it, it’s great for people watching, finding new exciting food and the atmosphere is always good. We spent a couple of hours there, buying bits to take home and buying food to eat there. Just before we left I decided I was ready for something! As a vegetarian I’m never spoiled for choice there and this weekend was no exception, I found a stall where all the food was vegan, perfect. There was rice and three different curries, you could have them all so I obviously did! A mung bean dhal, which was my favourite, I love dhal, a cauliflower curry and some spiced potatoes all piled on top of some well cooked nutty tasting rice. I was happy!

Full and armed with shopping bags it was time for a few drinks before the train back!

A great day in London as always and a great day of vegan eating that changed my mind about how difficult it could be to eat out. It’s just about where you go.

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  1. Nzinga Young · January 25, 2016

    Good for you for sticking with Veganuary. So many people I know who’ve tried it cheated like 4 days in, lol.

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