Watermelon Wedge!

A Perfect Summer Cocktail – Watermelon Daiquiri

The sun came out the other weekend, it might be hard to believe but it did. So naturally I made cocktails!

I had a watermelon sat on the kitchen side waiting for something to be done with it. A bit of a foodie trend at the moment is making “watermelon water”, basically chopping up watermelon and blitzing it in a blender. It’s delicious and refreshing, but missing something… RUM!

I decided I could make watermelon daiquiris with the watermelon water. Invented in Cuba, a daiquiri’s main ingredients are rum, citrus juice and sugar. There’s lots of variations of this seen in bars everywhere with different kinds of fruits added to this base.

Get out and buy yourself a watermelon. Grab your favourite bottle of rum, a lime and some sugar or sugar syrup. This isn’t an exact science, it depends on how much citrus you like, how boozy you want your cocktail and how much of a sweet tooth you have. So have a mess around with the quantities to get it to your liking. I did a double shot of rum, half a shot of sugar syrup, the juice of a lime and then topped up my glass with the watermelon juice and some ice. I garnished it for an extra citrus kick with a wedge of lime and added a wedge of watermelon on the side to nibble on!

It’s the perfect summer drink, just keep your fingers crossed for some more sunshine.

Watermelon Daiquiri

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