Park Hill Presents Peddler

Park Hill

This weekend was a typically British weekend. The weather had been glorious all week, it came to Saturday morning, I opened my curtains and saw the grey and rainy skies. So the weather was typical, but my plans weren’t. I spent the evening with my husband (still feels a bit weird saying husband, only been married for three weeks!) and our friend, at Peddler Night Market. We were looking forward to a snoop around the newly developed flats and keen to try some different food.

It was an evening of firsts for me. It was the first time I’d ventured up to Park Hill, which was much nicer than my expectations of it were. Also, my first time going to Peddler, I’ve always been busy in the past when it’s been on so it was nice to finally go and check it out, even if it was in a different location to usual. It was up at Park Hill as part of Sheffield Design Week, it was great to see some designers promoting and selling their stuff in one of the shops under the flats, and was great to go up to the “streets in the sky” and have a look around one of the new flats.

So all this was great, but I was there for the food, it was brilliant! At first glance on arrival, it didn’t look like there were too many things to choose from but on closer inspection there was plenty. The food trucks and stalls had been split into two areas, there was a couple of bars and seating areas too, which were covered, though thankfully, the rain had stopped when we arrived!

I decided to have little things then I could try more rather than filling up on one thing! After checking out everything on offer we all headed to Melt Works, a stall selling grilled cheese sandwiches, sure you can imagine they weren’t your run of the mill sandwiches though. The guys opted for sandwiches. I decided to try something I never had, I’d never even heard of them before, chickpea fries. They were billed as a “healthier fry”, gluten free, vegan and infused with rosemary and chilli. They were delicious, especially with the red pepper and garlic aioli to dip them in. They were crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, just what you want from fries, I’m on the hunt to find out how to make them at home!

After our nosey into the flats we were ready to try some more food. They guys decided to try things they never had before, my husband opted for Gumbo and my friend went for dim sum. As a vegetarian I was spoiled for choice, which is great, there was frizza (fried pizza!), pie and dim sum. I headed over to Wallace and Sons for some tofu gyozas. Again, a delicious choice! They came served with some pickled cucumber and mushrooms, spring onion and black sesame seeds, not forgetting the pot of sriracha to dip them in.

The guys managed deserts from Depot Bakery, raspberry cheesecake brownies and chilli chocolate donuts, I decided to have an espresso martini from Tamper. A great way to finish off our time at the market.

Inspired again by street food I’m definitely going to be attempting to make some of the things at home, I’ll also be headed to the market again and telling anyone who’ll listen about how great it was.

Melt Works Chickpea Fries  Wallace and Sons Tofu Gyozas  Tamper Espresso Martini

Food and Produce Market

Abbeydale Picture House

At the weekend I went to a food market at the beautiful Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield’s Antiques Quarter, a cinema built in 1920, which is in need of some loving restoration work. I’d never been inside before, so I was quite excited to visit. There were delicious smells coming from the street food trucks and stalls set up in the car park. Then inside, in the slightly fustier smelling building, were local produce and craft stalls, a cafe and of course a bar!

Outside Market Inside Market

After a little wander and a shop inside we were desperate to get out and get some lunch so headed back to the food trucks. As a veggie I wasn’t struggling, there were loads of veggie and vegan offerings. There were two different kinds of Indian street food on offer, hot dogs and wood fired pizza, where the oven was built into the back of a land rover! For meat eaters there was all that plus a taco truck and a seafood stand. There were plenty of sweet treats and drinks on offer too.

So after a scout around the menus and a nosy at the food people were eating I headed for a converted ice cream van for some Indian food. I chose to have a chickpea curry roti which was delicious but messy! I bought a couple of veggie samosas too, which were made fresh while you waited and cooked to order, all in the back of an ice cream van! My partner had wandered off, I thought, in search for pulled pork, but he came back with a veggie choice so we could share! It was a naan wrap filled with salad and paneer, it was so nice.

Armed with brownies to take home to have with a cuppa later, we left the market full and happy. It was a great event and good to see so many people there.

Chickpea Roti Brownies Paneer Naan

Festival of Food and Drink

Last weekend I went to the Festival of Food and Drink at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. It’s the first time I’d been and only it’s second year running. I wasn’t expecting too much but was pleasantly surprised. There was a variety of street food stalls, some great breweries and bars, cooking demos by some chefs, producers stalls and plenty of free tasters up for grabs!

I went with some of my family and friends, three of us are vegetarian and I was thinking we’d all get stuck having the same thing for lunch but it was great to see so much choice on offer for veggies. We all ended up with different things, falafel, noodles and pizza. Of course we all shared so we didn’t miss out!

I came back with a few bags full of goodies, Pina Colada Curd being one of my favourites! I just need to decide what to cook with everything now. I’ll definitely be going along next year if I can make it, was well worth the bargain price of £6 to get in!

Jam Bread Pasta