Living Below The Line

Below The Line

That’s it, it’s the last of my five days of living below the line. It’s been a tough challenge and a lot harder than I expected it to be.

Tuesday was the hardest day for me, I couldn’t concentrate, I felt dizzy and was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open by the end of the day. I wasn’t expecting such a loss of energy. It made me realise how much I rely on a bit of sugar to perk me up, this week the only sugar I’ve had has been from an apple in the morning, and yes there’s probably sugar in the tomato puree I’ve been using, but not as much as I’d been used to!

It’s really made me think about my diet, which wasn’t my intention when I set out to do this at all, but I’ll certainly be watching how much sugar I have. I’ve felt alright for the last couple of days so my body clearly doesn’t need as much of it as I had been eating.

I missed variety, the freedom of deciding to cook whatever I fancied and I definitely missed not having my five a day!

The variety and freedom that I missed is an opportunity I am fortunate to have, as someone who believes profoundly in equal opportunities, for me, that’s what this is about. Those people that are living below the line every day are entitled to the opportunity to eat a nutritious balanced diet. It’s just wrong that there is enough food to feed everyone in the world yet so many people suffer.

Our team’s aim was to raise money and awareness for Action Against Hunger, it’s been great talking to people about it this week, people who knew little or nothing about the challenge and the charity. It might be the end of our five days but I’m certainly going to continue to support the brilliant work that Action Against Hunger do.

Almost 20% of the world’s population live off £1 a day, not just for food and drink, for them that includes housing, health and education.

Extreme poverty has to end.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and sponsored our team, it means a great deal.

The Halfway Point

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It’s Wednesday lunchtime, halfway through our live below the line challenge. I thought I’d feel really hungry, but rather than feeling hungry I’ve just been really lacking in energy and concentration. I’ve been clumsier than I usually am too!

Yesterday was the worst day for me so far, I was so tired, I fell asleep at 8 o’clock not even halfway into the film we were watching! Today I feel a bit brighter, must be all the sleep I got!

Generally I spend most of my time thinking about food and recipe ideas, this week I’ve tried no to think about it too much, it’s proving difficult!

I think we’ve done pretty well so far, the meals aren’t the most exciting but we’ve all tried to pimp them up with the little we have. For me, cold fried rice for lunch yesterday had to be the worst meal so far this week, the best was last night’s spaghetti with tinned tomatoes and chickpeas, we’d even foraged for some wild garlic to add some extra flavour.

It really has put things into perspective. I’m so lucky I don’t have to eat like this everyday. Though these five days are definitely worth it to raise awareness and money for Action Against Hunger.

Off to a gig tonight, will see how I hold up on tap water all night, hope I don’t fall asleep!

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Below The Line Challenge

Live Below The Line

Today is the first of five days where I’ll be living below the line. As someone who loves food and cooking, I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford to keep my love and passion for it going, to create the recipes I want to and to treat myself to eating out.

1.2 billion people around the world live in extreme poverty, living on £1 a day for food, drink and even for housing and health. I’m going to be living on £1 a day for my food and drink, I’m doing this as part of a team with my partner, my sister and her boyfriend.

The point of the challenge isn’t to attempt to replicate what it’s like living in poverty, but it’s definitely going to put things into perspective and help to raise awareness and money for our chosen charity. Action Against Hunger, whose valuable work saving the lives of malnourished children and supporting families by providing clean water and good nutrition, is the charity we chose to raise money for.

It’s going to be hard not having my morning coffee and not reaching for herbs and spices when I’m cooking, but there’s so many people who don’t have that option. These five days might be tough, but will definitely be worthwhile.

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